Moving music data to NAS

Dumb question time - sorry. Probably answered many times before but I couldn’t find it. All links to KB point to moving the Core or Roon to another machine. I couldn’t find anything that answers my question simply enough - granted it is likely to be self-evident to most people here, but beyond me.

I am currently running Roon off a Mac Mini. Music is on 2 external directly connected USB drives as well as the internal drive. I’m getting a QNAP NAS and want to move all my data there. I understand some/many run Roon off the NAS, but I don;t feel comfortable doing this right now. What I’d like to do is keep the Mini to run Roon but replace the drives with the NAS, i.e. connect the NAS to the Mini via Ethernet and have all my data sitting on the NAS.

I suppose I will need to copy all the music files (all 3.5TB of them!) from the various drives to the NAS in the first stage. Shall I stick them all in the same folder? Does the folder have to have a special name? I will have point to Roon again to monitor the folder on the NAS.

What do I do with the Roon database, which I presume contains info about all my edits, my Tidal additions, etc… ? Do I leave it on the Mini? or do I have to move it somewhere? Will Roon have to reindex the whole thing and rebuild the database files?

Have you read this?

No :slight_smile: I couldn’t find it despite searching in the KB. I am sure there is a depth of knowledge there, but I’ve not found a good way to search for the answers to my questions. Obviously my search arguments point me in the wrong direction.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.