Moving music files from one NAS to another NAS

I’ve got a Roon ROCK. Synology NAS drive stores all of my music files.

I migrated to a new Synology NAS. I kept the same exact file structure, same network share name, same IP address, same usernames, etc. Everything is the same, except of course the MAC address of the NAS network adapter. The intent was hopefully to make the migration to the new NAS completely transparent to the rest of my network.

To my surprise, upon starting Roon after the NAS migration, Roon began the library update process.

What would Roon see as new? Has my music library been duplicated? What exactly was Roon importing?

Hi @CraigK,

Have you followed our Preserve Edits Guide when you moved the files?

If Roon saw both the old NAS and the new NAS at the same time (under Roon Settings -> Storage), then it would have imported the duplicate tracks as new.

You’ll want to follow the instructions listed in the guide to properly re-locate the files, I would suggest restoring from a backup and performing the steps on the guide to get your library back.

Thanks for the reply Noris. I honestly never thought of looking at a Roon guide during my NAS update because I assumed it would be transparent to my entire network and all attached devices. (At least that was the plan.) The old NAS was shut down, and then the new NAS was provisioned and configured exactly as the old NAS. Same name, same IP, same file structure.

I’m just thinking as a write this… but maybe its possible that Roon saw the new NAS mid-restore of the files migrated from the backup drive? So for a while the library was rebuilding itself. Maybe Roon saw the files as “new” as they were being restored.

In hindsight maybe I should have shut down the ROCK during this process, since I know the ROCK is constantly scanning the library for changes.

Just to be sure I’m back to normal, I’ll restore from a Roon backup.

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Hi @CraigK,

You’ll want to stop RoonServer via the WebUI when you re-locate a large amounts of files:

This would be the best option indeed, and then please look over the re-locating guide!

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