Moving music store from NAS to NUC

I just want to check that this is a simple as moving the music files from the NAS to the HD in the NUC and changing what is the watched folders and hey presto all my albums and metadata are left unchanged and nothing looks different?

I need to use the NAS for backup as a power failure yesterday showed me the folly of only having my collection on a raid array on a NAS.


Hi John

I think your assumptions are correct, I have had a similar situation when my NAS rebooted and it’s DHCP IP address changed for some reason, I added the new folders in Roon and it just ran a check against the db scanning all the folders, I have a large library so it took a few hours but other than that no changes were required.


If I remember, I disabled the original location, firstt. Then copied the music. THEN, add the new location. Checked everything was ok. And finally removed the original location.

As soon as the original location ceases to be available it will be marked as unavailable, I did not remove mine first however I would agree with you it would be tidier to do so.


The reason I did it that way is if Roon sees both location active at the same time it will treat the new location as new albums not moved albums.


/10 Chars

Locations can now be edited… so that’s how I would do it now.

Sorry @Carl, can you explain what you mean above. I don’t quite understand.



Edit existing file location rather than delete and re-create. It’s as broad as long, really.

[quote=“anon55914447, post:9, topic:24071”]
It’s as broad as long, really
[/quote]Quite true, however the reason I advocate editing it is that it avoids the possibility of someone creating the new watched folder before deleting the old one (which as we know would result the existing album references being retaining and new ones added).

Have a look at Roon → Settings → Storage →
Then select the ‘3 dots menu’ [for the existing watched folder] and then select the ‘edit’ option.
From ‘edit’ use the ‘browse’ button to re-point the watched folder to the new location.

Does that answer your question?

Yes thanks @carl, I think I know have a full understanding of potential pitfalls and how best to avoid them.