Moving music to different location

So i have a NAS, with all my music on… if i install a internal hard drive to my NUC core, will my database now be useless, as the file path has changed? Or is it strictly based on the musics tags and metadata?



  • Disable the watched folder.
  • Move the files over.
  • Edit the watched folder and point it at the new location.
  • Enable the watched folder.

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The important thing is to make sure that Roon never sees both the old and new locations at the same time, if this happens then Roon will add in duplicates as new albums.

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Thanks Carl, so if i do that, although the files live somewhere totally different, in a new location… this will work?

Yes, Roon will scan the files and update it’s internal references.

For more information checkout the Roon Knowledge Base, it’s a great resource for new and experienced users alike.

Thanks Carl… superb answer, and top forum :grin: