Moving my Core: how to stop the new Core from re-analyzing

So I went and read through the knowledge base several times before I began. My setup was an old Mac Mini running Ubuntu, looking at music files on a network NAS.

I started by cloning the NAS directory containing the music to a new Macbook Pro. Then I did a backup, and copied that directory to the Macbook Pro. I stopped the Core on the Mac Mini. I started the core on the MBP, restored from the backup, de-authorized the Core on the Mac Mini, and made the MBP the new Core. I edited the storage link to the NAS to have it point to the copy on the Mac.

And now the MBP is re-analyzing all the music files. Which is what I wanted to avoid. How the heck do I do that? My guess is that I needed to disable the NAS directory before I did the backup, and then only re-enable it after changing the pointer to the MBP clone directory.

Can anyone verify that?

I think Roon needs to get accustomed to the new storage location of the files therefore it does analyze the files again and updates the database accordingly. From my experience that’s normal behaviour and may not take as long as a “complete” analysis.

They are bit-for-bit the same tracks. The analysis originally took days, and I don’t want it repeated; I want Roon to use the values already in the backup.

Well, just saying how it worked for me the last time: after changing the actual location (files & folder structure being the same as before) Roon did an analysis but it was quite fast - not taking hours as compared to an initial scan. Is your impression that the analysis will take “ages”?

Sorry, didn’t mean to sound peevish. I just want to know how to do this, and the lack of an actual manual isn’t helping.

Yes, I’m currently at 381 of 17,861, so by the time I’m ready to move it back to the Mac Mini, it may almost be finished.

There’s this thread: Moving core. Roon instructions less than helpful. And you’ll note there’s no answer from Mike on it, no resolution. This lack of response is pretty aggravating.

All good. :slight_smile: As for documentation I’ve used the kb articles


without much trouble but as they say: YMMV.

If Roon indeed does a full analysis instead of just updating the db entries with new path values - or whatever it needs to do to keep track of things - than maybe something went wrong indeed.

I turned up the speed all the way, and things are faster. About 2/3 done in 4 hours.

Good grief. Reading though this, and the links, my head is spinning.

I’ll be setting up a Nucleus as my new Core tomorrow in place of a Mac mini and will be adding a new networked, Roon Ready DAC. I am feeling over my head reading the various FAQs and User Guide links.

I figured I could just move my USB HDD with music files, or an exact copy of that HDD, from the mini to the Nucleus and, I guess, restore the database onto the Nucleus’s SSD. Then go into settings and redefine Core and Storage and Endpoints. Is there more to it than that?

I don’t even know what the reanalysis is.

As user friendly as Roon tries to make this, it’s pretty confusing for someone who is not computer savvy and used to just using iTunes or Pure Music on a mini.

Jung and Freud?

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I think what I did wrong is that I should have disabled the storage link before I did the backup. Then move the core, start it up, edit the storage link, and re-enable it. When I get a few minutes, I’ll try that and see if it goes better. But yeah – this idea of depending on various Wiki pages and forum discussions as a replacement for a user manual seems kind of wacky to me.

Though, I have to say I do appreciate the trade-offs with that. More development, etc.