Moving My Roon Core from a Windows10 Pro Machine to a Roon Nucleas Plus

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Currently have the Roon core running on a Dell Windows10 Pro machine, using either it, or the Roon app on my iPad. Record CD’s as AIFF 44.1/16 files using iTunes, and purchased hi-res music from, all stored on a USB connected external hard drive.


Hardwired ethernet connection, 1 gb connection to a Comcast router, 185mb down internet service (typically).

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

USB connection to a PS Audio DirectStream DAC

Description Of Issue

I’m thinking of purchasing a Roon Nucleus Plus unit to replace the Dell machine. If I uninstall Roon from the Dell, will it be just a matter of hooking up the external hard drive to the Nucleus, logging on to it with my iPad, with my existing ID and password after the Roon remote finds it on the network, and the new setup will “pair” with the hard drive and automatically do what it needs to do to “move” the metadata to the new Nucleus core? …or am I missing a step or two, or three?

Have a read of the Knowledge Base article on migration.

Nice! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
I think I’ll order the Nucleus Plus today!


Just migrated by Core from a Win 10 PC (migrating external USB HD music library) to a new Nucleus+, following the Roon kb and voilà! the N+ took care of business. Painless.

Good luck!


Nice! I suspect my experience will be the same!

I guess it’s viola if you are a music lover and voila if you are French. :wink:

One of the kinder auto-correct faux pas I’ve done. There have been some doozys! :rofl:

My Roon Nucleus Plus arrived last night (apparently this UPS “Second Day Air” service really was “Second Week Air”, but that’s another story). I had time today, installed the unit in my system, restored from the backup on my USB drive, with no problems, tested it out just a bit, it really does seem to sound just a little better than the Dell, both USB to my PS Audio DirectStream DAC.

Thank you Roon Labs for making this such an easy migration!

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One of my reasons for transitioning from the Windows10 Pro machine to the Roon Nucleus Plus was that I’d have occasional problems streaming Tidal using the Dell.

I tried giving the Qobuz Windows application a whirl, but it was just plain un-usable. About 80% of the time the app was off doing something, causing the wheel to spin, not being responsive, pegging the CPU and memory usage, but not functioning. When I found out that this was a common problem with the Windows app, I cancelled my subscription.

Anyone have feedback on streaming Qobuz using the Roon Nucleus Plus?

I promised to report my findings on my new Roon Nucleus Plus and I give it an A+++.

The steps detailed in the support document to do the backup to a USB drive, then import the backup into the Nucleus worked 100% with no issues. I made the few setup changes (like where to find the music, where to backup, etc.) and that worked perfectly without issues. As the unit runs cool and doesn’t consume a lot of electricity, I leave the unit “on” all the time and it just does it’s thing, keeping everything up to date!

I found my purchased music and Tidal sounded better than on my Windows10 Pro Dell, so I re-subscribed to Qobuz and I must say, everything I play on the Nucleus just sounds a bit better!

I’ve been in the computer biz since 1982 and appreciate having more horsepower and memory, so I opted for the Nucleus Plus, but I suspect I’d have had the same great experience if I’d chosen the less expensive model.

I am 100% happy I made the change!

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