Moving Roon Between Servers While Retaining Customizations [Playlists, Tags, etc]

Description of Issue

I’m trying to move Roon between two identically configured servers [even the file structures for Roon and my music files are the same]. After moving the core and reconnecting, I don’t have any of my playlists and from that I’m assuming other stuff is gone as well. Any way to move that over?

Thanks in advance.

Have you taken a backup of the old and restored to the new from within Roon?
I think the metadata needs to be brought over.
Just a guess though.

Thanks for the response. Yes, tried that and I’m still missing my playlists.

UPDATE: Checked back in an hour or so later and now all my playlists are back!

No idea what happened, must be some delayed updating of the new setup.

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