Moving Roon core db

Roon Core Machine

QNAP TXS 53D NAS, 4 x 4TB discs, RAID 5
Holding both roon core and music library …

Networking Gear & Setup Details

MEO Fibre Router, + TP Mesh WiFi - but almost everything is connected by ethernet!
No vpn on routers, NordVPN on some of the clients.

Connected Audio Devices

SONOS, all but one on ethernet.
Pioneer surround sound amp, ethernet
Amazon Fire Stick, ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

First, I’m new to Roon and have only been using it for a few weeks!
My music library, mostly FLAC, is on a QNAP server, usually accessed via PLEX. Against Roon advice I have also put the Roon core db on the same “spinning disc” NAS!
It seems to work more or less ok, but most days I have problems accessing the core from the app on my iPad.

  1. would it be better to have the Roon core on my Widows 10 PC, which has ample SSD space and an i7 processor, and is connected to the same network using ethernet, and leave the music library on the NAS?
  2. Is it possible to “move” the existing core from the NAS to my PC, or would it be better to start again with a new Roon installation on the PC.

You can do both and have two Roon cores. Switch back and forth as you please.

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@Rob_Parkin, welcome to the community. Just another user here, but reading through your post, a few issues/ideas come to mind:

  1. Your QNAP Roon Core server is underspecified relative to the minimum recommended configuration:
  1. For your trial this makes sense to test our features/functionality, but if you move forward, it may make sense to keep the QNAP NAS as a storage server and move the Core to your PC which has improved specs.

  2. Depending on how much you are using Roon during your trial and want to maintain that history and configuration, you can migrate your database to your PC from your QNAP pretty easily. Alternately, you can start over if you don’t mind losing what you did during your trial. The steps to move your database (and libary if you want to do that also) are below:

  1. As @Jim_F notes, you also have the option to have multiple Cores, but only one can be active at a single time with a single Roon license. Given your use case, I don’t see that as necessary compared to the above options, and having multiple Cores requires you to keep everything synchronized between the them all manually. This again can be a good option for some users, but not sure you need to go that route.

Thanks Jim, I will try this.

Thanks Robert, I was aware of the limitations of my NAS but thought I’d see how far i could push it!
I will read the articles you mention, but I’ll probably install a new core on my pc and see how we get on from there.

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I’ll mark this as solved Rob, we are here to assist with any questions.

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