Moving Roon Core from Mac Mini to QNAP TVS 471

I just purchased a new QNAP and want to move my core from my Mac Mini to the QNAP? How do I execute this? I’m excited in having this work off the dedicated NAS.

  • QNAP TVS 471
  • 3 WD 4TB HDD
  • 1 Samsung 120G SDD

I look forward to any assistance.

Have you read the extensive FAQs on this and the instructions on Crieke’s web pages?

No I haven’t where are they located?

There is a FAQ in the Roon knowledge base.

I have some information on my blog post regarding the setup and also the download link.

If you need further information, feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris. I found it and it looks very comprehensive and helpful. I appreciate your quick response. I’ll let you know if I have any additional questions.


Chris - does it matter which bay I put the SSD in on the tvs-471? I wanted to mirror your recommended setup.


I don’t think it matters which bay you will use for the ssd.
When you have inserted all 3 spinning disks and the ssd, you can select in the QNAP Storage Manager what disks should be grouped to one volume. In your case you need to create two volumes: The spinning disks array and a separate one for the ssd.
Be sure to create the “RoonServer” share on the SSD volume.

Thanks Chris. With the three spinning disks, I was going to do what you suggested. Raid 1 for the two disks and the third will be my back up from time machine on mac. With this example, would I only create one volume or two volumes for the spinning disks and 1 volume for the ssd?

Thanks for the quick responses.


In that scenario you’ll have to create 3 Volumes:

Volume1: 2x spinning disks (RAID1)
Volume2: 1x spinning disk
Volume3: SSD

Chris -

I have Roon up and running on my NAS - TVS 471.

I do have a stupid question…

Roon is asking for a network path and I have no idea…

What it shows in my file station is the following -

  • NAS057FDB
    ---- Volume - MyQnap
    ---------------Folder - Music
    --------------------------Folder - HD Tracks
    --------------------------Folder - iTunes

How wound I write the location? Could you provide a example or recommendation? would I need to start with my IP address of NAS…Sorry, I not good with networking and I’m a bit over my ski tips but learn fast!

Thanks Chris! I am very close?

You don’t need to enter the network path when you are using Roon on the same device.

Enter the directory as a local path.
(When you click on the button to add a new watched folder, you will see a button labeled “Add local folder”. Click on it…)

If I read your file structure correctly, your local path should be:

“/share/Music/HD Tracks” (without the double-quote characters)



Got it! Thanks a bunch for all your help and getting back to me so quickly!

Have a great Sunday!


Glad that it works.

One addition to the iTunes path:
Parsing of the iTunes XML is not working on Linux based machines. But you can add them as a watched folder. You should point directly to the media files of iTunes:
I think it is

/share/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music

If Roon does not find that folder please compare the path with your iTunes folder structure.

Ok - I am set. Except for one more question -

I have 3 - HDA Intel MID MI’s Connected to my core .I assume this is all three Hard Drives which I formatted in Raid 5… In playback settings what should these be set at?

Buffer -

Max Sample Rate -

Max Bits per Sample -

DSD Playback strategy -

I am running a PS Audio Junior with Bridge

Thanks for the help Chris!

Chris -

When I try to enable these - in Playback at 192/32 and try to save setting it stays in “enabling” with the Roon circle moving… I wonder if setting up in Raid 5 is the issue.

No, there are 3 audio outputs offered by the layout of the QNAP chipset. It has nothing to do with your harddrives.
I never tried to use them yet. One of these 3 should be the HDMI output and I think the other 2 are available by the chipset but not wired to any connection. But to be honest: I did not really investigate what internal outputs can be used (and how).
I remember when I upgraded my QNAP, that there was also some kind of mini-Displayport on the board. Some models have also have a dedicated audio mini-jack.
I can’t say for sure, but currently I believe these are the 3 options that are shown in Roon and only available at some models.

Raid5 should not be any issue.

How did you set up your PS Audio Junior + Bridge on the MacMini? The same settings can be used on the QNAP.