Moving Roon Core to a New Network

Dont know if this belongs here, but it seems appropriate. Recently moved to a new house and had to troubleshoot remotes connecting to the Core. I’m running Roon Core Windows version on Windows 10. I’m also on a Cox (don’t be rude) internet router. The remotes could not find the core even though the core could play locally. Thought it might be my router settings. After struggling for 2 days i stumbled across a Roon knowledge article that provided the critical clue. If you have a similar issue check the settings of the firewall running on the Windows box acting as your Roon server. Check and see if it thinks your device is on a local trusted or untrusted network. If it says untrusted, set the firewall to TRUSTED! That solved my problem. Without its firewall set to trusted, the Roon core will not accept traffic from the remotes!

the core will, Windows won’t…

Instead of making a “global” settings change to “trusted” network. You might try just adding Roon.exe and RAATserver.exe to the exceptions list in the firewall.

This is just the firewall on the workstation hosting the core. This is a trusted network.

Strictly speaking you are correct.