Moving Roon Core to new iMac

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iMac 24 M1 Chip 8 meg with music files stored on NSA drive Buffalo LS220D

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I succesfully moved my Roon core from old 2015 iMac to my new one and all is working fine

What I didn’t understand was the instruction about changing the name of the backup location. I’m using a folder on the NAS drive for the backups. I was assuming I could use the same backup location for my new machine. So what should I do with Roon on the old machine? I don’t want it to cause any conflicts.

Should I just uninstall Roon on the old one and then install a new download of core and point it at the new machine?

Many thanks

Only one machine is acting as core on your network, all others are endpoint

You’ll plenty of guidance here…

many thanks. all sorted I think

many thanks, all sorted


Philip, are you up and running on your new iMac now?

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