Moving Roon from Macbook Pro to a new Macbook Air

My Roon is in my macbook Pro with the library on an external hard drive.

I have a new macbook Air that I want to dedicate for music.

I have 1 roon account on my macbook Pro and want to move it to my macbook AIR.

How do I do it ? Please Help …

Thanks in advance

Check this out.

Cheers, Greg

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You may want to refer to this on how to move your Core from one machine to another:

Alternatively, running 1.3: just run a backup (Settings > Backup) on the MBP and restore to the MBA.

EDIT: beaten to the punch by master Greg. :wink:


Thanks a ton mods.

I ended up picking another NEW roon account for the MBA and let the earlier roon stay in my MBP. Good for roon …
My database is in a 4TB Ext drive that I attach with either MBP or MBA.
Hope this arrangement will work … I have 13 days to ascertain it …

What do you Mods (Greg & Rene) say ?

That will work, however it’s not really necessary, unless you are planning to use Roon on one computer at a different location and have people still use Roon at home.

If you only use Roon at home, you could move Roon to the new Air, then wipe Roon off the Pro and then install Roon as a Remote on the Pro (if you want to still use the Pro as a control for Roon). When installing, when it asks, just say you want to run as a Remote and then connect to the core on the Pro.

@RBM Rene, your thoughts?

Cheers, Greg