Moving Roon Server to a Mac already running Roon Remote

I’m running Server on an MacMini (headless) and Remote on my iMac. The drive on the Mini is starting to fail, so until I get that replaced I want to move Server to the iMac which is already running Remote. I can’t find any specific directions on how to do this, what are the best steps?

All my files the database backup are on a NAS,

I’ve had Roon for a month now and absolutely love it!

First, take a backup from the Mac Mini. Then go to the iMac Settings > General and click on Disconnect. You’ll then be presented with a screen to Choose your Roon Core. Select This Mac. Finally, go to Settings > Backups > Find Backups and restore the backup you made in the first step.

It’s that easy? Wow! Thanks for your help Martin.

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