Moving Roon to an external drive

Moved Roon folder from Mac Mini to external drive.
All that is appearing in the external drive are empty folders.
How to fix?

Note that I read the support topics re: moving Roon to an external drive – and yet, here we are…

Did you move where all your music files are stored to the external drive?
Did you move the Roon installation folder to the external drive?

If the former, go in to Roon’s setting, and add a new watched folder pointing to where the music files are now stored.

If the later, … well that won’t work … The installation folder has to be where it is and can’t be run off an external drive.

I moved the Roon Library folder.

Look, let’s not turn this into a silly computer camp exercise.
Just kindly tell me step by step how to move Roon from my Mac Mini to the external drive I have attached to it and get Roon up and running from the external drive.

Calm down people are only trying to help.

What are you calling your Roon Library?
Where was it previously and what did it contain.
How did you move it?

The more information we have the more likely it is we can help you.


Hi @David_Salsberg – sorry for the trouble but I’m not sure how you want us to help here if you’re not going to give us information about what you’ve tried.

And you can tell your friends whatever you want, but if they read the above, I’m sure they’ll see that we’re just trying to help.

What does this mean? The Roon database cannot run off an external drive.

It sounds like you’re trying to migrate Roon from one machine to another, so if you could describe the setup with a little more detail, I’m sure we can figure out why the instructions for doing this weren’t as clear for you as they’ve been for everyone else who’s pulled this off successfully.

That’s not where I was going, I was simply attempting to clarify what you had done / trying to achieve so I could offer the best advice.

Step by step guide, to pointing Roon at a new music folder:

  • Start Roon.
  • From the menu (the 3 bars icon) select settings.
  • In the setting page, select the storage tab.
  • In the storage tab page, select add watched folder.
  • Type in the path to where to the folder where your music files are now stored.

Also, there’s lot’s of help in the Roon Knowlege Base have a look in the

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Importing Your Music Collection

Hope this helps.

@mike How about just fulfilling the request?
Step by step instructions to move Roon from a late-2012 Mac to an external 1 TB Lacie hard drive attached to that Mac.

What other information could you possibly, possibly need?
Also in the link you supplied, you refer to the Roon folder.
Which one? the Library folder? The Roon folder in Applications?


But the folders I am moving to the new drive are turning up empty. Why is that? Wrong folders? something else? And again kindly do not refer me to the knowledge base. This is your product, I paid for it. You answer the questions. Please and thank you!


Can I humbly suggest that if you want a reasoned response that you may have to provide information. Also this is a forum where you can access help from other users of Roon not just the Roon team. As @Mike says the database needs to stay where it is put by Roon. You can only move your music folders and then tell Roon to watch the location. It will track the changes though and keep any Meta data edits, clever by my reckoning!

Step by step:

Move music - nothing to do with Roon
Tell Roon where music is - see @carl post


Actually it’s not … I’m an experienced Roon user that happens to help out on the forum and generally my advice is well received.

I’ve attempted to help you … and you threw it back in my face. I had a second attempt … Same result.


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Any more questions @David_Salsberg?

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Wow, you don’t see them often, but when they do turn up…


I’d say he’s picked the right one to lose, perhaps he’s smarter than you think.


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