Moving Roon to another NAS

Hi - I know this has been asked several times before but cannot find the right article - can some kind soul please assist?

I want to move Roon from one PC/NAS location to another.

I have run a full backup and saved it to a USB drive to take to the second location. What else do I need to do to deactivate Roon in the first location? Anythink else I need to consider?

Thanks in advance!

Here you go:

How do I move my Roon database to a new computer and preserve my edits, playlists, and favorites.

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Many thanks

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I’m in the process of doing that, the only problem is moving the backup: although it’s only 8GB, there are so many files (close to 100K) that the copy is very slow.
I am archiving them with 7zip before I move them, that’s much faster (5mn instead of an hour or more, no compression)
I hope the restore will be smooth…
EDIT: the archive was fast to copy but just as long to decompress than the original copy…