Moving RoonServer to external SSD


I currently run RoonServer on my QNAP TS251+, on a spinning disc (and on uout to SonicOrbiter SE). It works well but I can’t upsample to higher than 64DSD using the DSP engine, dropouts and track restarts occur every few seconds.

I have a USB 3.0 SSD (Samsung T3) which I can plug into the NAS unit.

Am I right in thinking if I move the RoonServer and music folder to the SSD (rather than the spinning disc), this is a more optimum setup, and may stop the dropouts?

If so, is there a proper method for changing the location of the RoonServer and the Music folder to this external SSD? I can’t seem to find anything on the KB.



I doubt it’d make a difference, the stuttering is very likely to be due to the QNAP TS251+ not having sufficient CPU grunt to handle the upsampling.

Check the QNAP Resource Monitor when this happens.
What is the peak of the CPU?

Hi Christopher, screenshot attached here which shows CPU levels whilst playing the audio in Roon simultaneously. CPU only seems to be maxing out at about 30%.


It seems that this error shows up, before the track has even started to play.
I am sending you some instructions via PM to check your configuration.