Moving the playlist from room to room

I have Roon running in many rooms in the house and would like to move the music I’m playing from room to room. So when I finish in the kitchen half way through an album I can go to the study, stop the music in the kitchen and start it from the same place in the study.

I can do this with several steps if it’s just an album. But if I have a playlist that’s in progress I’m stuck.

Can this be done currently or if not could it be a future feature?


Press volume icon then the transfer the music icon

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Doh, that was simple. Thanks very much for the speedy reply! I wonder what other basic things I’ve missed?!!

Read the roon knowledge base. It’s a bit out of date but loads of stuff in there.
If you don’t know how to go something just ask ir Google is pretty good ad the knowledge base and the forum are indexed in there.

Thanks, I’ll spend a few hours over the christmas period reading!