Moving tidal/qobuz albums to a new core

I have a couple of queries. I may be moving my roon core from a 2013 imac to a new windows pc. I only use roon for tidal/qobuz streaming. I have my backups which i do manually on an external HD. I may have to trade my imac against the new windows pc which means i will only have the HD i mentioned above to use to transfer the roon core to my new windows pc. Is that ok?

Also if i only use roon for streaming tidal/qobuz and i load roon core onto a new computer and i sign in to tidal and qobuz would all of my selected saved albums instantly appear on the new core minus all the selected favourite tracks etc? many thanks

Make sure you have a good, very recent backup of Roon on the external HD. Install the full blown Roon application on the new computer and specify that as your core. Plug in your external HD and do a restore from the backup to the new computer Roon core. Enable Tidal and Qobuz services on the new core and log into both using your current account name and password for each.

Thanks Jim. I’d also like to know out of curiosity if moving to a new core and on signing into tidal/qobuz on the new core would all of your favourite selected albums from tidal and qobuz instantly appear on the new roon core and would associated artists also appear in roon? This without doing any new backup. This for someone who just streams. I assume details such as favourite tracks and history from roon would not appear unless i’m wrong.

I’m not certain, but I think any Tidal and Qobuz albums that are favored in those apps should eventually show up in Roon. I don’t know if that would be instant or not. I only stream from Tidal and Qobuz and have no music files of my own. I often wonder why I am doing automatic backups every night because I don’t do any edits of anything. However, I would have a good backup before I let the old computer go.


Roon will automatically populate itself from your favorites in Tidal/Qobuz, even without Restoring a Backup.

Hi @musickid,

Yes, even without a backup, once you signed in to TIDAL/Qobuz, all of your favorites from that service would sync over.

Without a backup, though, and edits, playlists, tags, and play history that is Roon specific would be lost.

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