Moving to a new core

current core: late 2013 imac 512gb ssd 8gb ram

soon to be new core: mac mini m1 512gb ssd 16gb ram

audio: chord dave connected to ipod touch 7th gen. roon endpoint

I use roon for tidal/qobuz streaming only with around 2200 saved albums as favourites with 1352 artists and all associated favourite tracks and different versions of same albums and so on.

So i want to transfer core and after reading the migration help page i’m finding it slightly confusing as i’m not that tech savvy. Most of it makes sense apart from locating the right files and moving of collection to new folders etc. Could someone just give me 4 or 5 easy to follow bullet points in the right sequence for me to follow to move core. If it helps the old core imac will become redundant. I currently perform back ups manually to a maxtor external HD from time to time. This hard drive is used exclusively for roon. Many thanks. @support

Hi @musickid ,

Where is the local library stored?

  1. Create a backup from old Core
  2. Restore backup on new Core
  3. Make sure Roon Settings → Storage point to correct file paths (edit the old location)

Some of the doomsayers on here at the moment might say that moving to a new core right now would be like moving house during a tornado.

I say go for it :+1:

I actually have no local library or music of my own apart from 1 rare album. Purely streaming. Points 1 and 2 are okay but point 3 has lost me. Could that be further simplified by some specific bullet points with actions that i can just follow precisely and systematically. This is a first attempt and it would be a shame to loose all of my data. Many thanks once more. In fact a complete list of precise actions in sequence would be great. That would eliminate any guess work and make things much easier for me.

Hi @musickid

Since you use only streaming, point 3 isn’t anything you’ll have to worry about.

Just make a backup on the current Core and restore it on the new Core and you’ll be good to go!

fantastic cheers dylan.

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