Moving to NUC ROCK

I’ve been running Roon Server on a Synology DS1019+ NAS which has an Intel Celeron CPU and I bumped it 16GB ram. The NAS works flawlessly feeding audio and video files to various endpoints in the household including Plex, Sonos, Bluesound, AppleTV, Mojo/Poly etc. But when ROON comes into play it can get a tad spotty, especially with high-res 24-bit files.75% of the “zones” are ethernet and remaining are wireless via ASUS AI mesh.

So now I decided I’ll invest a bit into the software. So I just purchased/ordered an Intel NUC 10 and will get ROON ROCK set up on that. I figure the benefits of a “beefier” and dedicated Core i7 with its own 16GB DDR4 ram for ROON might make a difference to overall performance and the NAS can stay strictly as a media storage/library feeder.

I see there’s a FAQ on transferring between cores. Is there any other advice I should heed?


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Stephen the FAQ is good, just make sure you get all the BIOS and firmware updates run from Windows or wherever you can

I made exactly the same transition a couple of years ago and it fixed a lot of minor blips I had

Good luck

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Thank you very much!

You provided a very good point about updates and such. I likely would have forgotten to look prior to set up. I do see the latest available firmware and other updates on the Intel NUC page.

I moved from a Mac Mini. No regrets. NUC ROCK works great. Be aware that the BIOS setup for the Gen 10 NUC BIOS setup is a little more involved than previous generations. Nothing too hard, but just be aware. Agree with the i7 over i3. You really don’t need 16GB RAM, but it won’t hurt.

I just loaded my music on my new Core and re-indexed it. Nothing to it–runs great. I haven’t had to reboot or troubleshoot since I originally booted it up.

Good luck.

Thanks Mike. This is also good to know. Funny you mentioned Mac Mini. I have an old Mini 2009 and almost considered buying the new M1. But for almost half the price the NUC route won.

I was a little unsure which BIOS file to download, but the F7 version worked just fine. That was the only gap, and it wasn’t a big one, in the ROCK install guide.

I have the NUC ROCK set up and running now! It was a very fun and exhilarating process which took all of about 45 minutes to complete.

The only hiccup in the steps was actually getting the codecs copied over to the elusive Data folder. Turns out the only way I could navigate to the \Rock\ was via Windows File Explorer, not ‘Map Network Drive’ or using a web browser. Took me about 20 minutes to figure that out, lol.

BIOS set up was a tad tricky, as Mike eluded to. Disabling (or un-greying) UEFI required an extra step (ROCK install guide covers that) and getting the M.2 drive to actually show up as a Boot Order option required a couple of reboots of the NUC to fix. Prior the only Boot Order options were a couple of ethernet-related choices which was odd.

I do not know about reliable connectivity yet playing through ROON to devices, especially Hi-Res, so that’s the next step.


Listened to a complete 96/24 album of 10 tracks, Pumarosa “The Witch”.

ROCK delivered it via Wi-Fi to Chord Mojo/Poly which is set as a ROON endpoint. Zero dropouts/disconnects. Absolutely fantastic!

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