Moving to the ideal :-)

OK so after a few years on ROON with Core on an Asus Mini PC with normal spinning HD and an i5 chip…plugged into my NAD M51 DAC …getting way too slow. I am getting a new computer with i7 and SSD Drive to put my Core on…but thought…rather than put it by the DAC leave the Asus there.
Put the Core machine in another part of the house.

I will remove the core from the old Asus and download Remote to run on the Asus near the DAC. Question is I choose my new Core on the new i7 machine from the “remote” Asus …it is plugged into a screen between the speakers…will I see the info, Album covers and what I am palying on this screen.?

Same if I sit down in my listening position with phone or tablet, I choose the Audio output …will I see the Album cover etc on the screen attached to the Asus??


You will only see on the tv the remote info selected as the endpoint there. The control can be another device and whatever you select as the endpoint will be displayed

Each Roon Control component whether on a Core, Remote, tablet or phone can swap to any Roon Zone and control it. Use the Zone Picker icon in the footer. Functions particular to each Zone, such as the Queue, Radio, DSP Engine or Full Screen view will be displayed in the same way on each Control when that Zone is selected.

Each Control browses your Library individually. Album, Artist, Work, Composer or Track views and the Focus filters applied are fixed to that Control.

Thanks…will be having a good weekend .