Moving. What does unauthorize do?

I have to pack up my Nucleus (with internal music library) for a move. I would like to keep music playing in the house until the family moves so I thought I would set up a core on my laptop and point it at my backup.

I understand that to do this I need to deauthorize my Nucleus so I can authorize the laptop-based core.

When I unpack my Nucleus, want to use it again and authorize it, will I have lost anything? Basically, I want to make sure that my database won’t get thrown out etc.

I couldn’t find anything in the KB to explain deauthorization and most of the forum posts are about deauthorization not working.


If you have a core authorized and start up another core , you will get a warning screen telling you so and allowing you to un-authorize one and authorize the other.

The info is kept at Roon HQ across the internet I suspect so the Nucleus can be in a box switched off .

Many users have a “second home” system running like this on one license.

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Unless you backup and restore the roon library across the machines history and library changes will be lost as the library sits on the individual machine.