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thanks for yesterdays support @BrianW @Bill_Swartz @AnimalOnDrums

i’m still struggeling with the following topic: even when compositions or part of compositions are identified at album level, some are NOT shown as a recording at the composition view.

here is an example (tracklisting of the album):

as you see both tracks are recognized as part of a composition.

the first track (…figaro…) is shown in the composition listing, the second (…KV 467 …) NOT

track figaro (correct):

track KV 467 (missing here):

what needs to be done, that the track KV467 from album “colours of mozart” is listed as a recording in the composition view? thanks for your ideas.

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If you use the 3 dot edit for your KV 467 track, and select go to composition, what do you see?

thanks @BrianW

that looks good, it shows the right composition with 109 recordings.
i took the photo below when i press the 3 dots in that menu and it even shows that album

(but in the lower part of that menu, when i select the compositions out my library this album is missing)

The fact that you see 109 recordings, and not 900 odd, means you have ‘complete recordings only’ on. If you toggle that off, (recordings drop down sort > only complete recordings) does it then show up?

thanks @BrianW

the missing album is shown with filter “albums by popularity” !

what is the difference between filter in composition “recordings by popularity” vs. “albums by popularity”?

does it mean: recordings need to have all tracks of a compositions vs. album can have parts of that composition?

thanks for clarification :slight_smile:

I think using the “album” sort will include albums with part compositions in, whereas using “recordings” allows you to choose complete or not.

i got it @BrianW - you made my day :slight_smile:
“only complete recordings” was the topic.
the album is shown, if that switch is off.

thanks for your help, appreciate that.

Wonderful. Time to listen now.

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