MP3 error all "Files are corrupt" [Resolved - fresh install of the OS]

EDIT…now none of my mp3 files will play in Roon though they will play in other players (See below). FLAC and Tidal continues to play fine.

Original post:
Something odd is happening with some mp3 files I have. Yesterday, I renamed an artist folder in my library. Roon picked up the change and imported the various albums back into my library but I noticed that 2 albums were missing that were in my Roon library before. When I check the library settings I see that the files were skipped because of the File is Corrupt error. I was able to successfully import and play these albums in Jriver Media Center, VLC and iTunes. All the meta data shows up correctly in these other players. I even went back and edited the mp3 tags but whatever I do I cannot get these 2 albums to be imported back into Roon. Any ideas?

Not sure if it will help but have you tried a forced re-analyze for the mp3s?

Thank you for the reply. I have tried to re-analyze specific albums but it wont work. None of my mp3s will play through any of my endpoints (Sonos, PC, HQPlayer)

It seems that all my other formats play fine (FLAC, AAC, WAV, DSF). Its just mp3s that now wont play.

I just tried to restore my library from a previous backup. While the missing albums are now present in the library, I still cannot play any mp3 files. I have tested with mp3 files I have ripped and ones I have purchased from various sources like Amazon, Google, etc. I was able to play mp3 files just last week.

Latest test…played mp3 successfully from Sonos application.

Does anyone have this issue?

I believe Roon uses the Operating System Libraries for MP3 decoding (though this may have changed now) … I’m just wondering if there has been any OS updates / changes?

Thank you for the reply. I was able to fix it by doing a fresh install of the OS (Server 2012 R2). Something probably got corrupted. I also tested on Server 2016 and Roon server works fine.

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