MQA 352,8 kHz to RME ADI-2 DAC

Hello, can anyone tell me why it is not 352,8kHz but 88,2 kHz ?
Do i have a wrong setup?

The RME ADI-2 DAC does not support MQA.

So Roon is doing the first upsampling(unfolding) from 44.1 kHZ to 88.2 kHZ and that’s it.

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Thank you for the information!
Is it possible to let the core do the upsampling of MQA, so RME gets 352,8 ?

Is there any list, who is supporting Upsampling?

Just tested
E1DA 9038D cannot do MQA
Hifiberry Digi+ cannot do MQA

Hifiberry Digi+ Pro ?

You can just set Roon to upsample after the MQA unfold if you want. Use the Min Phase smooth to get you somewhat close to the MQA upsampling filters.

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Legally, no. MQA licensing requires the second stage be done in the final DAC only.

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Hi Ronny

none of these Raspberry based DACs can do MQA.

Roon can only do the first unfolding. The 2nd and the 3rd unfolding must be done in MQA licensed hardware. This licensing is quite expensive.

Basically I have the same infrastructure on my desk as you do. I can only tell you from my experience: Forget MQA. Get some real good active speakers for your RME ADI-2. This RME device is a studio tool. Hard to get something better for the same price.


Thank you for your feedback.
It is just a theoretical question - and i am testing all roon-features.
Not to say, i need it and i cannot live without it :wink:
I just want to understand what is passible and what might be a user error with wrong setup.

I am really very impressed with all roon features i was testing within the last days and gonna buy a lifetime license. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

RME has a really excellent DAC, but for the headamp part i prefer other parts.

I have one adi-2 pro and one adi-2 dac FS :wink:


Yes, totally. Change the MQA Capabilities to No MQA Support, and then Roon will upsample the output of the Decode Stage to whatever you have set in your DSP section.
This is not the same as MQA’s renderer stage, but, it will allow you to get the output to the resolution you want. I do this all the time and it sounds great.