MQA Album Count on TIDAL? Other starter questions

When I select Tidal from within Roon, then What’s New/Albums/Masters/View All, I see a total of ~420 albums (20 screens of 21 albums each). That doesn’t square with a 10,000+ album list (or maybe it was tracks; still…) I saw elsewhere in December. What am I missing? I’m guessing these are just “all NEW MQAs” not “in toto” all. If so, how do I get at and search the “in toto” list?

Also I read earlier in this thread that, to get the best from MQA, turn off Roon’s DSP engine. True?

Finally, any idea how TIDAL is selecting MQA titles, other than JayZ’s? And who’s paying whom (take Cream’s “Disraeli Gears” eg) for an album being MQA-streamed on TIDAL?

Sorry for the NooB questions. Still on the steep part of the learning curve.

There are more MQA albums than in the Masters section. Currently they are not easily found in Roon. You can find them in Tidal desktop by searching and the Favourite them. They will turn up in Roon.
I have Bluesound as well and can find them there by searching.

MQA is authenticated. The DSP alters the file in a way that stops any MQA unfolding. So if you want MQA you currently have to turn DSP off.

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sorry to be dense, but are you talking about a manual search on the Tidal desktop? If not, how does one search for mqa files there?

And visually, I’ve only found the What’s New/Album/Masters screen has the “M” designation. Didn’t see any in the Genre screen.

There are published lists of MQA releases, so if something I like comes up I just search in Tidal Desktop and look for the MQA version. (I also search BluOS)

Try here to start.