I sent an email to roonlab and got a good reply.
Update to share here too.
I think that if everyone’s opinion is attached, there will be wonderful result.


Interesting, was not aware of this issue.

I also was not aware of this. Hopefully the guys and gals at Roon will sort this quickly.

I think that there is a misunderstanding here. TIDAL does not distinguish between MQA and MQA Studio formats; these are very specific terms which refer to how the MQA-encoded album has been signed cryptographically.

Roon’s TIDAL Masters list reflects the curated TIDAL Masters albums list, nothing more and (subject to a bit of lag) nothing less. This list contains a mixture of MQA and MQA Studio albums.

I believe that Aurender has a feature where it’s possible to view a long (approx. 10,000) list of available MQA albums, which is longer than the curated Masters list (typically 400-500 albums). This has nothing to do with MQA vs. MQA Studio.

So there is no bug; it seems that the Feature Request here is that the user should be able to filter/search all of TIDAL for MQA albums.


That makes sense, but whether a bug or a feature request, it makes sense that it should be possible to search all available TIDAL MQA albums.


Hi Joel, Has there been any update on this feature request? I have to confess I had not realised until looking at this thread that Roon only reports about 1/20th of the actual MQA content on Tidal… That is somewhat disappointing.

Hi @Dave_Russell. As is the case with pretty much all of the feature request threads, you’ll know about it if there is an update. It’s great to be able to pre-announce stuff, but in general it’s not good product management. So for now, that’s a “no update”.

Ok thanks. Is there a work-around to simplify searching for MQA albums? I’m aware of spreadsheets that list MQA albums, is that the only option currently?

I believe so.

The spreadsheet that I’ve used had direct links to each album. So it wasn’t very hard to go through, click to link to the Tidal page, and favorite the album. Then it all appeared in Roon as a new addition. Good time to select and Tag them all as MQA.

I too would love to be able to see all the MQA albumns on Tidal and not just the curated list.

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I think you can find it here:


Hi Kevin

I’d like to add my voice for being able to focus on my library and identify Tidal MQA Studio albums separately from MQA albums

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It’s now possible to focus in Roon on all Tidal MQA albums but not on MQA Studio [ie, authenticated]