MQA Blue Light Goes In and Out on Explorer 2

When playing MQA files from Tidal through PC Win 10 -> Ethernet -> RP3 running DietPi -> Explorer 2, I periodically see the blue light go in and out. I was concerned it was due to previously being connected through WI-Fi, so I have hard wired it through Ethernet. Is this a known issue?

Mine can do it under certain circumstances, usually when sharing USB with another DAC and/or grouped together. Resetting the host (Odroid C2) normally does the trick.

Thanks for the reply. When you say grouped together, do you mean a zone group? I ask because I was doing that…zones connected to different RP3 Roon bridges. I have taken it out of the zone and it seems things are better, but I haven’t been able to monitor for a long period yet.

Also, by resetting the host, do you mean the Roon core or the bridge the DAC is connected to (which could be the core)?

I had two zones off the same Odroid SBC. Restarting the Odroid helped. I think it is a synchronisation issue so changing priorities to favour the E2 might help.

Thanks…I’ll see what happens.