MQA capability with Simaudio Mind2

Select render Engine Only or decoder and rendering engine for my Simaudio Mind2 (streamer only)?

The MQA options depend upon the DAC that the streamer is plugged into.

Hi @Mario_Langlois,

The Mind2 does MQA Pass-through so it really depends on what DAC you have connected to it as @Rugby mentioned. You can usually find what MQA capabilities your connected DAC has by looking at the manufacturer’s user manual.

– Noris

Thank you for your answers.

I use a Naim DAC, which is not MQA, and I put the mind (streamer) into a rendering engine only.

Which seems to better read the MQA.


Merci pour vos réponses.

Je me sert d’un DAC Naim, qui n’est pas MQA, et je met le mind (treamer) en moteur de rendu uniquement.

Ce qui semble mieux lire les MQA.


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