Mqa decodes windows and linux

Hi, I’m trying a USBridge signature with ropiie and I noticed that unlike my usual setup (nuc windows 10> topping D90) the blue dot appears in the signal path at the MQA decoder line. Both setups have the same configuration, is this a ropiie problem?


The ropiee path is showing full MQA decoding in the d90. The other path is just showing that the MQA signal has been authenticated as valid not decoded.

This is a feature, not a problem. The first signal path is more informative.

is it just more informative? why do you switch from lossles to enhanced?

Because MQA processing is not lossless, just like upsampling is not a lossless process. That is why there is an “enhanced” indicator.

Why then in the nuc with Windows does the flow remain lossless? In both cases roon does not encode the file and passes it directly to the dac

Because in the windows screen it doesn’t know that the stream is being rendered so no change. In the ropieee it does so it changes the light.