MQA disappointing

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I agree aiming this argument solely at MQA is pointless.


If people like the sound, then so be it who am I to argue. If MQ$ is based off of different masters, that’s even more troubling. However, the business model and execution have a significant negative impact. Ask a mastering eng who spent his time and craft to get something perfected only to have it completely changed without any say or consent and is permanent.

For MQ$ to bulk process (undo) everything that was mastered is so wrong. That’s their “authenticated” process which is a lie and for the life of me don’t understand how people are OK with that.

Someone (bob) has pre determined what I should like with this bull sh#t. It’s wrong.

If the artist processed with MQA from start to finish that’s different (if that’s even being done), but that’s not what any of this is about. It’s marketing and need to control.

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You did plenty of arguing there. :joy:

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Is this different from all the non-MQA remastered releases?

I agree I don’t like the marketing message or the reality of it. Just asking if the problem you mention isn’t inherent in continuing to monetize the same titles by churning masters, MQA or not.


I would think so - the “conversion” would be just for MQA authenticated files

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I’ll jump into the fire here again as I have just set up my Meridian DSP5200SEs with a 218 Room zone.
Playing some MQA and I do believe they have something… :joy:

This sound is just incredible and addictive… I am blown away…

Sure CD sounds great and the best produced CD’s sound literally amazing but the switch to MQA has a richness I can’t define.

I don’t have the words, but if this is Lossy? I am a fan of Lossy.


Too many nights listening to live music with no hearing protection :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Perhaps lol… But a mans gotta do :joy:

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That’s OK! We like what we like.

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That is very true…

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Hi Alexey,

It’s not really clear to me what you mean: in Roon Device Settings you have 4 MQA settings:

  1. No MQA support
  2. Decoder and renderer
  3. Decoder only
  4. Renderer only

I do not see where to choose for “No MQA support” and “Enable MQA decoderer”. You have to tell me.

In my setup: Devialet Expert Pro 250. All the above settings results in the same superb audio quality.

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Roon generally does this automatically. Look in the set up menu for your device

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If you read my message right, you will get my point…

(Henry) #417

Go into the Setup Menu in Roon for your device. In that section you get Zone Settings. From there go into Device Setup and down the left you should see MQA Capabilities. Select from the drop down menu there. Then scroll to the bottom and go into the advanced setup. There should be a toggle switch for MQA Decoder. What you will be doing is confirming those settings as they are already probably set to what you want.

(Philip Feenstra) #418

Henry, Thanks for your input!

Yes, you are right the advanced settings shows this “Enable MQA Decoder” on/off toggle. What I think is remarkable the Signal Path stays all the same with or without “Enable MQA Decoder” neither selecting one of the other 4 settings in the menu above. The lossless path is as expected and the sound quality is superb. I have no doubt I listen to full MQA quality: it does not change with different settings. Does anyone have experience with MQA settings in combination with Devialet Expert and Core Infinity streaming board?

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The MQA settings will only come into play when you attempt to play an MQA encoded track. Then you will see the track identified and acted on dependant on your settings.

(Philip Feenstra) #420


I know and this is what I was saying before. The MQA format is played correctly and in full audio quality. See attached picture of the signal path. My question is that why does changing the settings do not affect the signal path and neither change the audio quality? It seems that the MQA format is bypassing these settings.

(Chris ) #421

Because if you set it to ‘No MQA support’ and MQA DAC will see the raw MQA signal and unfold it. Result, Great Audio
If you set MQA Renderer, Roon will do first unfold and an MQA DAC will Render this. Result, Great sound.

Have I understood this correctly?

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The setting that would make an obvious difference is the core decoder toggle switch. That would either see the core decoder in play or not in play. However, what is being suggested is none of that makes a difference to how it all sounds and given the quality of Devaliet kit that wouldn’t be too hard to accept.