MQA disappointing

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That’s it. Amen.

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For me its similar situation to aptX HD (24bit) technology.

Ok, so we have Bluetooth, its lossy, time delays, its not 24 bit tech, not even close, but you have this BS, marketing miracle on many products. Much nicer, better for audio is BT Low Latency codec.

MQA is DSPies, lossy, NEAR 16bit „container”, licence required (service/provider like Tidal, or/and full origami hware certificate), with very anticonsumer DRM (hipotetical) potencial. Its not 24 bit, its not lossless, its not - ofc - bitperfect. This last element is obvious, its fact, not speculation.

You like it? Its ok for you? No problem. Many people like mp3 or aac music, and its totally ok. They tell us that its not big difference (compare to 16/44 redbook sound), its near the same, and its totally ok. For me they have more reasons to tell smth like that than MQA advocates. MQA isnt better than CDA, its different. For me worse. Ofc MQA is worse than hires files. Master, studio, the same & best quality … pure marketing here.

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I don’t lie, I am enjoying a perfectly legal commercial product called MQA. If you consider MQA the company to be lieing, take them to court under trade description laws.

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Gosh I’m glad this thread got bumped.

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Why so,passionate, just don’t use it… simples…

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The mute thread option is so comforting.

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Hi dear @Antoni_Wozniak take a deep breath and relax and I don’t know about how @Chrislayeruk feels about that you write, that he’s lie to you! It’s not kind to call our Friends in the Roon Community Fellowship! So tagging down a little please, okay?

I don’t understand why you continue to discussion about MQA, because it’s not going to be better for you who like/love it and for you who don’t likes it, so will it don’t get more badly!
Mr. Bob Stuart has already reached his goal to earn money, for him so doesn’t it matter if MQA makes music sound better than before, or more badly than before!
If Mr. Bob Stuart had the curtesy to at least listen, to the music listeners who like it, and not does it, so it is possible that he could make it right! Instead of making the same mistake, that Philips and Sony made with the CD format or Red Book, that members of the Roon Community Fellowship is so fondly to use! But there wasn’t any kinds of Social Media, not any or few Music forums on the web I don’t remember if the internet was or not was existing! Please don’t correct me because I wasn’t looking it up, before writing this, okay :ok_hand:.
My point is that Mr.Bob Stuart has a huge difference from Philips and Sony! With every social media, different music forums to try make MQA better! Philips and Sony hadn’t it, but they have never fixed the fault with the CDs, anyway and it’s a pity because it’s possible that CDs have sounded better! But people getting use to what The Big Elephants makes and deciding anyway!

One question, now and then, so does I reading that MQA music have distortion, or make the music sound like it have distortion?
Maybe it’s my ears but I haven’t heard any distortion, what not shall be there, because some Producers puts it on the lead vocal, bass, drums and synthesizes, also on the reverbs, echos…
So maybe it’s easier to hear that in MQA music, compared to CDs and Hi-Res, I don’t know and I haven’t been comparing different kinds of music in different kinds of formats!
Because I don’t hear any distortion in MQA Albums, that’s not meaning to be there!

Love & Respect



They did with SACD but the problem is ‘He’ has came out white papers to criticise Sony/Philips DSD as a flawed encoding system. Besides, DVD-Audio with MLP is a spectacular failure and never even make it till today. On the other hand SACD players are still being manufactured even today!

Now they try to do it again and this time, they said ‘16 bit’ is more than enough in the audio range and ‘8 bit’ is just enough to preserve the timing information. This is obviously not a full 24 bit capability where modern DACs are already capable of doing 21 to 22 bit of resolution.

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What fault? Nothing wrong with 16 bit 44.1KHz PCM Redbook CD format for playback, as far as I am concerned. A higher 96KHz sample rate and a greater 24 bit depth PCM format is just icing on the cake!

The trouble with SACD, DVD-Audio and now MQA is that CD/PCM is too good already. In fact, the formats that have had success are all worse and lossy - like Sirius XM, MP3, Bluetooth etc. - formats that work much better with limited data bandwidth such as on mobile and wireless devices.

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Just a quick point that it may not be fair to assume every poster here is a “he.”

That’s a totally different discussion - the role of gender in audio and music fanship. I note that there is definitely a substantial female group of posters over at Audiogon (and they are just as kooky as the rest of the posters over there…). If our avatars/icons were a little larger here, we might be able to better understand the gender distribution here. I’ll bet there are more women than what might be generally assumed.

Back on topic, String you are exactly right. Civility is one thing that distinguishes the Roon forums from others, like Computer Audiophile and Audiogon, where huge flame wars happen at times. That said, we have to make some allowance for English not being everyone’s first language, and not always having a more subtle word to choose from.

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I had a friend round to fix his car just now who is a sound engineer and we played some music.
He hadn’t heard my new speakers, Meridian DSP5200se.
He knows nothing about MQA so the first track I played was an MQA Track, Shelby Lynne.
Then we had a musical journey.
The upshot was, he loved the sound and his parting words were “That first track you played was amazing”.
Just passing on a real world event.
He is doing the TV awards tomorrow red carpet stuff.

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I’m jealous of your DSP5200se’s. I had them myself. But we moved to a smaller condo and had to sell them. I loved them. I just bought what I consider my “mini 5200s”. KEF LS-50W’s with an R400b Sub. But all my listening now is near-field in a small room. I had my 5200s in a large room with 11’ ceilings. My God, they sounded great!

Have you seen the movie, Gone Girl? In the scene where Nick (played by Ben Affleck) opens the garage door and sees all the expensive stuff his wife has purchased in his name, there’s a DSP5200 right there in the mix.

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Yes it’s a fault with CDs and Philips/Sony had to quickly show up the “Miracle” they had created!
So they didn’t fixing it!
I don’t remember what the fault is, because I heard and read about it in the mid 80’s! But search on google so can you read about it!

I must ask why many people write Red Book? I know that it’s the color of the map or “book” Philips/Sony used when they created the CDs.
But I don’t know if you in the rest of the world except for The Scandinavian Countries, say excuse me, but have you the latest Red Book with xxxxxxx Artist?
Because I say excuse me, but have you the latest CD with what Artist!
I just wonder if it is so, or? Because I often read this NAS can…
Or if you don’t have more than xxx Red Books so isn’t that any problem!
Here in Sweden maybe they say you can have so many CDs on this NAS…

Love & Respect


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Red Book is the CD standard. SACD is on a CD but does not conform only to the Red Book standard. As I understand things.

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Correct. More info on “the Red Book” standards (international standard IEC 60908)

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Well I came across this ad on Facebook

Not something I’d normally have thought to listen to, but I thought I’d try it.
Track 1, love it… so much space in the mix. Wow

Ooo the bass intro on track 3… gorgeous


SACD conforms to Scarlet book when SACD is introduced in 1999.


Another publication claims… sounds like it is going to fade away. If you listen to the original studio recording, then you will be surprised how good it is going to sound. MQA adds a layer of DSP to give you the distortion and coloration not present in the original recording. Don’t get fooled. Go for the genuine and the original recording.

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I am loving whatever distortions are here. It sounds like the band are in the room… extraordinary!


Try listening to Roon + Qobuz… It’s here for you to compare.