MQA disappointing


Is that a promise?

(String ) #768

Okay, but doesn’t it the same way with Spotify’s “mp3”, iTunes “what they now use for kind of format”! DSD, DXD?
qobuz Hi-Res and other formats? TIDAL other Formats not only MQA?
Every Music Streaming Company and Every Music Formats, The Streaming Music And The Download Music!!!
Why Don’t We Talk About How Much Money, Because It’s Roon We Are Using Who’s Not Free To Use, Or?

With Roon Can We Now Use TIDAL Or qobuz, Some Will Use Both!
To Get All Formats On TIDAL And qobuz So Does It’s Costing Us Users Around 55€ Each Month + Roon’s Cost 1 Years Subscribe Splits The Cost For a Month (I don’t know what it costs or the one for lifetime)?
It’s Around 55€ + Roon + Downloads Of Hi-Res, DSD…
The younger or with sickness-pension, ordinary pensioners and the ones who have low paid work etc…
If the things that I mentioned above, maybe will be a 100€ to 200€ each month!
How many of the Roon users will afford it??? What do you think???

So are you talking about what MQA is all about money!!!
Everything is about money!!!

Musician’s and the one who writes the music, we are listening on!
Is the only people who get paid every time, it’s played, hello :wave:!
Picasso etc…they didn’t get paid every time, there paintings was sold, or?

Love & Respect :fist:


(Jeff) #769

Because MQA is a completely unnecessary end to end licensing ponsy scheme.

It should in no way be compared to paying hard working artists or even value added hardware and software vendors.

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Dear Jeff,

For the first I’m a retired professional musician, studio producer and songwriter, so I get a couple of checks on a nice amount, every yea and have got it for almost 40 years, okay?
But I don’t think it’s quite right especially on the ones who I get for songs that I have produced or played on, because I got a lot of money when I was doing it!
But the money I get for the songs I have wrote, is okay with some of them because I didn’t get any money when I wrote them!
But the one who I get paid in advance from the record company, one Album so I could buy me a Mercedes 450 SLC -1974 years model, does I think that it’s enough!

Regarding the things that you write about MQA!
So can’t you or anyone else but Bob stopping it, so why bother about it?
If you don’t like it don’t listen to it!

Love & Respect


(Jeff) #771

I don’t listen to it.

MQA’s goal is to be the only format for high res music distribution. They have said so publicly. That end result is not good for anyone but Bob.

This is reason enough to call them out on their BS marketing!


Hello Anders
I see it as a rather useless exercise to restart any discussion about MQA again and again.
All is said.
And MQA is more or less isolated on the Tidal platform.
No need to beat that donkey again.

(iamoneagain) #773

Not that we have Qobuz I was quickly able to compare Qobuz 24/96 files vs Tidal MQA unfolded to 24/96 by roon and sent to HQPlayer 128dsd. Qobuz easily wins. Files are clearer, more air, larger soundstage. MQA sounds filtered with a sort of smoother sound.

I have listened to MQA fully unfolded by my dac and thought it sounded pretty good but chose to have roon unfold and use HQPlayer because that made the 90% that wasn’t MQA sound better. Now with Qobuz I get hires files I can use with HQPlayer and not worry.

I’m going to test fully unfolded MQA vs straight 24/96 without upsampling just for comparison. Just courious if that last unfold is MQA’s trick. Because roon unfolded vs true hires doesn’t compare.


I concur, although without HQPlayer, which I don’t use. I play the ‘raw’ sample rates. Qobuz just sounds somehow a bit more pure without the extra step of MQA in there.

So far, I’m not finding the selection quite as good with USA Qobuz but I’m sure that will improve with time and I’m quite glad to get rid of MQA. I just don’t think it’s needed. I won’t continue on with Tidal.

(Jeremy) #775

I have tried both Roon first unfold MQA as well as MQA DAC double unfold.

The butchering of the audio quality already occurs in the first unfold. The second unfold fortunately doesn’t seem to be any worse than the first. So I guess the good news is that at least some MQA certified DACs don’t make MQA files sound any worse (I have only tried PS Audio DSD which does full MQA).

I can understand why HQPlayer might be preferable to MQA first unfold and even a double unfold on an MQA DAC. This is because not all DACs are capable of high quality upsampling (poor filter design or lack of FPGA resources needed to do things properly) and MQA upsampling inherently starts with a lossy poor quality file rather than a proper complete hi-resolution file.

At the end of the day, bit perfect hi-resolution is bit perfect hi-resolution and lossy MQA is about as far from bit perfect as an mp3 compressed file is to Redbook CD.

(Steven Beckhardt) #776

Can you tell us which tracks you compared where MQA was substantially worse than native hi-res?

(Jeremy) #777

It’s a long thread but I gave a couple of examples that were I think it was easiest to discern.

I hear distortion on absolutely every MQA track I have ever played. It is systematic.

(Henry) #778

But, thankfully, not everyone can hear what Jeremy hears to the extent that he hears it. Someone who is so sensitive to pitch he tells his guitarists they are out of tune before they realise themselves.

Can this pitch error be demonstrated in a measurement? Because right now I see arguments both ways based on listening so both need to be seen as subjective.


Didn’t you promise to move on?

butchering? really?

(simon arnold) #780

This thread is like GroundHog Day. Please make it stop. IYou will not convincedthe nay says or the yah sayers to move their position. Just all agree to disagree and actually talk about something worthwhile.


It’s a campaign, a bit like Remainers.

(Mark) #782

Seriously, give it rest and don’t bring your politics into a technology thread either.

You have the choice to not read the topic if it’s causing you consternation.


It’s not a “topic” it’s a relentless campaign. There is no politics in my comment. Consternation is the wrong word. You seem the one consternated.

(Henry) #784

Threads like this are great marketing for MQA. The more shrill the commentary, the more polarised people become and less likely to change their point of view. The few who are able to present any sort of objective argument are drowned out by the background noise.

(Mark) #785

Arguing black is white is hardly helping you.


Hi chaps,

Let’s stay on topic no more intended or otherwise political references / commentary please.