MQA disappointing

To see how irrational audiophiles behave sometimes, I can understand, why he don’t want to be called audiophile.

Always loved the Alan Parsons quote. A lot of truth in it.

See what I mean? :wink:

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This is true for some people in the same way fishing can be all about the equipment and so can guitars (collectors who can’t play) and photography. Some people just like the kit and that’s ok with me too.

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Any tweaks / improvements to the (already fantastic) docker image would be most welcome as well.

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Well you would say that would you not :sunglasses:

Seriously it’s good to know about your commitment to all things BobS. Unfortunately as with so much around MQA, it all has the feel of an inside job. Beyond just one poster on the forums, I would like to know how these insider aspects played in relation to the “all in” position of the trade publications.

In any case, no one can doubt the commitment of audiophiles to their tweaks.

I’d contend his greatest achievement, and his true gift to the audiophile world, was letting the Sooloos team fly by itself…

Is this getting a bit childish?

Pedantic, what I can see is Audiophile means different things to different people.

I don’t see a lot of truth in Alan Parsons quote. It’s an opinion.

Looks like a mean bugger though, looks like an Audiophile annoyed him…

Out of curiosity have you listened to Meridian kit? Do you know he let the team fly or was it a decision of the bankers? Speculation?

What’s the diversity you see? Besides the well known subjective/objective divide, I don’t see a lot of diversity when it comes to the fundamentals of what it means to be an “audiophile”. Equipment centricity is central to it on both sides of the divide, which is the truth in the Alan Parsons quote.

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I’ve listened to Meridian kit, yes. I don’t own any.

Given that there’s an official story, that I don’t know any better, and that I’d rather presume the best from people sometimes, I wasn’t going to conjecture on how the decision was made, least of all make a below-the-belt reference to Meridian’s remarkable financials.

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Wow you lot are still at this! I muted this thread ages ago but fat fingered the phone and landed here in uroboros land.
It’s impressive in a weird kind of way I suppose.

I think u fat fingered an entire post! :joy:

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Sure you did. We believe you… :smirk:

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Missed the docker image entirely, I’ll rectify that shortly. Thanks for the info.

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I think that the Alan Parsons quote is actually quite amusing and it can also be very accurate at times, although I bet he has some pretty good equipment himself. I even like some of his music, and he did of course produce one of the finest albums of all time, which I bought when it came out and still listen to for the music. It sounds pretty good to me no matter what it’s played on.

But I would also guess that most members of this forum (including yourself) won’t be listening to your CD quality and hi-res audio files via Roon on little transistor radios will you?

And of course you did choose to take my question a little bit out of context didn’t you - as you would gather if you were to read my full post.

I do find it a little strange and more than a little ironic that this thread appears to have morphed from a purist audiophile perspective of "I don’t like MQA because it is lossy and therefore not truly high definition" to an anti audiophile perspective of "anyone who spends a little money on a decent hi-fi system is an Audiofool"

That in itself is quite amusing and somewhat enlightening about the motivation of some posters.

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Can one of the mods please insert, between the two words in the title of this thread, the word “debates” ?

Pretty please?

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It’s named appropriately, IMO.

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No offense meant. And yes, I took you question a little bit out of context. It fits to good the point I want to make. Sorry for that.
I myself will not call me an audiophile. I am a music lover and a musician for forty years now and I really don’t understand the hunt for a better sound, that becomes bizarre imho with things like spending hundreds bucks in an digital cable or socalled audiophile routers.
For example, I bought my speakers in the 80s and I’m still perfectly satisfied with them. For me, it’s about the music not the equipment. And to go back to topic, not about file formats.


What is strange is how you got from there to here (i.e. the above). Stretching the confusion into something plausible, is MQA about the $money$? You don’t say…