MQA files skipping and stopping via TIDAL

I’ve been looking for this problem somewhere else on the forum and have been unsuccessful. Tidal integration on my Antipodes works perfectly, until I pull up an MQA file which will play for seconds up to a minute and start pausing/skipping until it changes to another song. It happens almost every time, and I have throttled my file analyzer back. I also have reasonably high internet speeds and a high speed modem/router. Any thoughts?

Hi Josh,

As MQA streaming from Tidal requires a higher bandwidth, there can be issues with some ISP providers throttling the stream. A difficult one to confirm I know without testing from another location.

As a test, to eliminate audio-analysis … can you disable it for a while to see if that has an affect or not.

Could you confirm that is well when you play local files (both CD and HiRes)?

Hi @Josh_Gordon, this issue was discussed here

If you like to contact me at I can provide more information.

Something like this ?

Roon Server Log
cat /var/roon/RoonServer/Logs/RoonServer_log.txt

04/21 02:26:59 Debug: [remoting] firing request callback with null because of dispose
04/21 02:26:59 Warn: posting to shutdown SynchronizationContextThread

I had the skipping problem when streaming using WiFi to a NAD C390DD (with Bluesound module). I have changed to Cat 5 cable and now it works fine. So it seems that buffering using WiFi was a problem for me. Only high-resolution MQA files was problematic. I don’t recall if 96 kHz was problematic but 192 kHz always failed.