MQA from TIDAL via ROON on DCS Bartok

I have ROON Core on PC with Windows 10

Network is connected by Ubiquitil Gigabit Switch ( Toughswitch 8 ports)

I am using DCS Bartok/DAC to play music from ROON Core ( the same PC machine for roon core and storage of 2 SSD disks)

My problem is :
Low quality playing from TIDAL, no matter what i choose - flac or MQA
I always have in network path AAC 44.1 Khz 24 bit instead of MQA 192Khz 24 bit :

even if I play MQA or Flac the signal path doesn’t change when i am using Tidal.

teh settings of DCS Bartok are :

What could be wrong ?

Look to see what you have set Tidal to in Settings, services, Tidal.

What do you meen ? - there is only login/password for tidal

sorry , I didn’t notice - there is streaming quality set for"High"

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You need to set it to Master.


There is no such an option
Roon is to expensive to fight with so stupid issue

Yes, there is, unless you don’t have that subscription with Tidal.

Hi @Tomasz_Naruszewicz,

Are you using the latest version of Roon? You can check under Roon Settings -> About and it should list build 517. Do you have a TIDAL HiFI subscription or a “Premium” (not HiFi) subscription?

It does sound like you have the Streaming Quality lowered, so once you bump it up I suspect you will stream the proper album rate.

Do let us know how it goes!

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