MQA full decoder DAC, what zone device settings should I use

Hi! If I have a MQA full decoder dac, have I set “NO MQA support” and “NO MQA core decoding”? Thanks

Full MQA capability, no core decoding.
And you need to set volume to full output.

You should set it to Decoder and Renderer.

MQA Core decoder should always be enabled.

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Ehm, which one? :joy:


@wklie advice is correct, Roon then knows the capabilities of the DAC and manages the MQA signal appropriately … which can be viewed on Roon’s Signal Path screen.

There is no need to “force” the MQA decoder off … in your case Roon will not engage it unless you also require Roon to perform a DSP function. In which case the only way that DSP action can be performed is by Roon first doing the MQA decoding.