MQA Master via Tidal Connect 96Khz but Roon/Tidal only 48Khz


I own a Zen Stream and I have it going over USB to a Denafrips Ares II Dac (non MQA DAc). I listen to MQA files using Roon/Tidal.

Source: TIDAL FLAC 48kHZ 24 BIT 2CH, MQA 192KhZ
Authentication: MQA Studio 192kHz
ifi Zen Stream : Roon Advanced Audio Transport
Output: USB Output

The LED on the Zen Stream is Blue.

When I used the Tidal Connect the leds on my Dac show 96Khz
From Roon/Tidal I get 48Khz. Local files from library do play at 96khz

What am I missing?

Thank you in advance.

Show how you have set the zen up in roon and ykur signal path.

Set MQA Capabilities to No MQA Support in order to have Roon Core perform the MQA Core decoding (first unfold) to 96kHz.


I think they took mqa off the stream.

The Zen stream isn’t a DAC it passes through what it’s given you should set it to no mqa as it’s neither a decoder or renderer, you don’t have mqa decoding active in Roon so won’t get the first unfold it’d just passing through the untouched mqa stream which is 48/24 before unfolding. The Aries isn’t mqa compatible in any way so it won’t see anything other than what Roon gives it. You don’t have an MQA DAC you will never get beyond 96/24 when you turn on Roons MQA decoder.

Thank you so much for all your help. I set the Zen Stream to “No MQA Support” and I am now getting 96Khz/24bit. Back to listening to music :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip