MQA not decoding at Moon Ace

Roon Core Machine

MacMini Core i5

Connected Audio Devices

Moon Ace

Description of Issue

I saw in the signal path that the decoding process is not happening at Moon Ace. There have only rerendered processes at Moon. Not sure this is normal or not.

This is my setting.

Please advise.

This is normal, you’re still having MQA decoded in full, although partially by Roon Core.

If you insist to have the MQA completely decoded by the endpoint, you would have to:
Disable DSP Engine.
Disable Volume Leveling.

Thank you!

For clarity / completeness … whilst this can be done it is not required, provided the device’s MQA capability is set correctly in Roon, in this case “Decoder and renderer”.

When setup this way, Roon will only decode the MQA if a Roon DSP function (including volume levelling) is used, if not then it sends the MQA signal to endpoint as is.

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