MQA not getting full unfold on moon mind2 MQA dac

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MQA won’t go past 192 on my current setup. My moon mind2 dac processed it as 385 (or something like that) but I can’t seem to get roon to bypass to the dac. I have the moon dac setup to decode and render .

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My current roon setup will not allow my dac to perform the third unfold of MQA through tidal. I have the moon 380 d dac with the 720 upgrade card roon ready. I have the dac set to decode and render . It’s shows the file to 192 but when I run the same file through my mind2 software from sim audio I get 384 . Thoughts ?

Hi Harold,

Could you post a screenshot of your Signal Path.

Also, Go to Settings > Audio and post a screenshot showing the 380D. Then click the gears next to the 380D and select Device Setup. Does it show MQA capabilities as Decoder and Renderer?

Cheers, Greg

The first pic of the dac is through roon, the second is the pic of the mind2 interface from moon, tidal MQA. Muse/alorgithim

Hi @Harold_Knapp,

I am wondering if you have any upsampling settings active on your Mind2 software, can you check to see if anything is perhaps enabled? Also, if you click on the “Show Advanced” part of Device Setup, is there any change if you disable “MQA Core Decoder”?

Fixed you have to make sure the moon device is setup for decode and render but the core MQA decoder has to be off.

Thanks for your prompt service !!!

Disregard, I overlooked something . When you turn off the core decoder you only get 96. Now it’s back to 192. Oh well , guess I will have to live with it.

Hi @Harold_Knapp,

Are you certain that the Moon Mind2 is an MQA Decoder + Renderer? From the Moon Mind2 User Manual:

The MOON MiND 2 includes MQA pass thru
technology, which enables you to play back MQA audio
files and streams to external MQA DACs which in turn
willl deliver the sound of the original master recording.
It is manufactured under licence from MQA Limited.

As far as I can tell from another forum, the Moon Mind2 only does MQA Passthrough, meaning that it is neither Decoder nor Renderer:

All it does is pass the MQA encoded signal to another DAC that can handle the decoding/rendering but does not do it itself. At this point, I think that the Mind2 software is performing some up-sampling on your content and while you can certainly achieve this with Roon’s DSP Engine, I do not believe any additional unfolding is going on in the DAC itself.

I would re-enable Roon’s MQA Core Decoder so that you at least get the first MQA unfold with Roon’s built-in Core Decoding.

– Noris

Hi Noris,

Yes, it looks like the Mind 2 does pass through and the DAC does the MQA decoding. This is from the DAC specs:

  • MQA decoding in DAC Products (ACE, 280D, 380D, 390, 780D)

When I play MQA through Roon on my Moon 390, I show the following. I have Decoder and Renderer selected.

It shows MQA 96.0 on the LED screen on the unit.

It does seem that @Harold_Knapp’s 380D is upsampling. I’m not sure how that’s done. I can’t see how to do it with the 390.

Cheers, Greg

I do not have the Mind 2 hardware. I have the upgraded card with MQA and roon support in my 380d. The software I use for this setup outside of roon is Mind2 app. My dac through this software samples the tidal mqa at 384. Through roon the same file gets sampled at 192. All I am trying to understand , is the MQA file 3rd unfold 384 or 192.

Hello @Harold_Knapp,

When you are using the Moon Mind2 app to stream to the device, there appears to be a bug in playback chain that is causing the 384 kHz rate to appear on the the DAC’s display. When playing MQA content to the device, the device’s screen should be showing the original MQA sample rate. This is shown as the “MQA Studio x kHz” or “MQA x kHz” sample rate in Roon’s Signal Path.

When using Roon to stream MQA content to the device, if the display is showing the MQA or MQA Studio rate for the media, things are working properly and you are getting the full benefits of the MQA playback chain.


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