MQA only folder

How would you go about creating an all MQA folder to populate the Lumin app?..If so…how to migrate current MQA albums in Favorites folder to this new folder…Thanks…

Hi David,

First of all, make sure you have current backups of both your Roon database and your music files. That way, if anything should go wrong then you can always revert to a known good situation.

I believe what you are asking can be done using the Export functionality. I haven’t used Export to do this myself, but this is what I would do. Did I mention making backups of your database and music files before doing anything else ?

You may need to do this on a computer rather than a tablet as the file system functionality may require a real OS:

  1. Create a new folder called “MQA” or whatever other name you want for your Lumin app outside any Roon watched folder;

  2. In Roon, call up a view of your MQA albums. It sounds like you have them in Favourites, but Focus/Format or Focus/Inspector may also have tools to assist.

  3. Select one of the MQA albums (right click or long press). Then using the menu in the top left, Select All;

  4. Choose “Export” from the three dots menu as per the linked KB page above, select Export Music Files to Folder and choose the music folder you created in 1.

The above steps will create copies of the relevant albums in the new folder outside of Roon. If that is all you want then no need to do anything else.

If you want the new folder to be a separate watched folder within Roon, then before moving it inside a Roon folder or making it a watched folder you should delete the original albums. The thing to avoid is having two copies of the albums in different places that Roon can see. You may find it easiest to delete such albums using Roon by selecting all as above and then deleting.albums (they are backed up right ?). You can then shift the new MQA folder into a Roon watched folder or make it a separate Roon watched folder. Roon may need to scan and analyse your MQA files again, so they may have a new Date Added if you follow this procedure.