MQA Renderer vs. MQA Decoder - When streaming to a Cambridge CXN (V2)

I need some help to understand the different role played my Cambridge streamer in setting the alternative options offered within the MQA functions menu.

I use Rock installed on a 8i7 NUC and NUC connection with the streamer is through LAN.
Would it be better in case of connection through USB port?

Thank you,

Hi, the CXN V2 isn’t MQA capable, so you should set it as “No MQA Support” in the device setup options and set “Enable MQA core decoder” to Yes in the advanced options.

Thank you Graeme for your replay. I found and chose “No MQA Support” amongst the setup options but I do not see the field “Enable MQA core decoder” with in the advanced ones. Do you have any other suggestion?
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Hi @Giuseppe_Turri,

The CXN (V2) is listed as a Roon Ready device, so it should be just fine when streaming to it over the LAN.

Can you post a screen shot of Roon’s signal path, when you are playing an MQA file.

Hi Giuseppe,

You need to scroll down in the advanced settings to find the MQA core decoder setting:

It will be enabled by default so no need to worry about that side of things. But it’s found under the advanced section of the device settings.

Thank you all for the advise. I tried tue different solutions and I did not perceive any meaningful change in SQ, in both cases very satisfactory. Maybe I’ll decide to invest some more money and substitite my cxn v2 with a more sophisticated streamer/dac.