MQA Rendering not working with DSP volume control on NAD D3045

Roon Core Machine

Sonictransporter i5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Poweline Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

NAD D3045 connect via USB to Windows 10 computer running Roon Bridge.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

MQA is only rendered properly when volume from Roon is 100%. When using volume leveling MQA signaling is preserved and MQA is decoded by Roon and rendered by the NAD. However when using DSP volume control as soon as the volume is adjusted MQA is not rendered. Why is this? Why does the DSP volume control not work within the DSP like the volume leveling and preserve the MQA signaling so it can be rendered?

Am I not using the right settings somewhere?

DSP volume control is implemented by the endpoint, not in the Roon Core’s DSP Engine. See this link for full details.

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Thanks Rugby, had not found this in my searches. So no way to use volume control in Roon and still get MQA rendering when using a USB connection.

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