MQA sampling rate query

Simple query. The first unfold always gives you 88.2/96khz regardless with a non MQA dac. Doesn’t the quote below indicate that the final MQA sample rate after all unfolding is done is 96kHz which is exactly the same as the first unfold? So here the first unfold actually gives you the final fully unfolded file. In this case isn’t it all to no avail?

Taking another file that is listed as ‘FLAC 48Khz 24bit, MQA 96Khz’ with tags as 48000 and 96000 and playing that, then I get 48K -> 96K, 96 at the DAC.

MQA is two parts, unfold and render, plenty of info out there that tries to explain it.

No. With MQA rendering it’s played at a higher sample rate.

Hopefully this will help:

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Rendering rate is entirely down to the hardware implementation in the DAC. You can render a 352.8k original sample rate MQA file at 44.1k if you wanted to (but you wouldn’t want to).