MQA search disappeared in focus

everything is in the title.
from memory, few time ago, we could find the albums in MQA, in focus
not anymore

Still can do. Post a screenshot of your issue.

Sometimes I miss that I have another focus in play, could that be the case?

i don’t have MQA in other section!!!

And if you scroll to the right?

i don’t understand what do you mean by scroll to the right

i try all sections…no MQA

@ged_hickman1 means there is more to see in focus but you need to scroll over to the right to see more options.

On Android phone it’s even easier I just scroll down and …

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yes i did
but mqa isn’t visible

Ok…how many mqa albums do you have in your library…if you know?

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5 or 6 albums

I wonder if they need to show the mqa badge in general options to then be shown under Focus?

I would not have thought so but…

It would be under the “Other” column alongside Live Albums and Compilation Albums.

I saw his screenshot and I see Autre with just live and compilation but no mqa.
Most odd…

even on my phone i can’t find mqa

something weird again
mqa is checked in custolmize album display but the logo does not appear on the album of youn sun nah waking world which is mqa

I guess I will ask the obvious question?
Have you rebooted everything?
Stranger things have happened with these odd glitches that make zero sense.


It’s there for me. You may want to check to see that you do have MQA albums saved to your Library.

Reboot done …nothing change
yes i have some album in my library, not many, that is the reason that it will be great to access mqa tag