MQA settings for Chord DAC and SMS200

I use:
a NUC running Roon Server
SoTM sms200 Ultra NEO network bridge

How should I set MQA settings for streaming MQA albums from TIDAL ?

No MQA or Renderer Only or Decoder Only ?
MQA Core Decoder ON/OFF ?

No MQA Support.
MQA Core Decoder ON.

Thx Peter.

I would appreciate advice on the following values in the Roon Setup screen in the SMS200:
DSD - I think the QUTEST supports Native DSD512 but only on Windows ASIO. So in my case with the SMS200 running Linux I guess I should set it to DoP and DSD256 ?
Buffer Size ?
Resync Time ?

BTW, the Resync Time appears both in the Device Setup in the Roon Core and in the SMS200. It seems that changing one of them does not automatically change the other. Should I set both ?

Correct. Note that the Chord will convert DSD to PCM internally. So if you have both PCM and DSD versions of a track, you are better off playing the PCM version.

Don’t change Resync Time unless you are having audible issues (like pops/clicks when changing sample rates between tracks).

What about the Buffer Size ?
and reg Resync Time - I did have issues when changing formats so I set it to 2 Sec but I’m wondering why there are 2 independent places to set it - Roon Server and Roon Bridge (SMS200) ? which should I set ?