MQA settings in ROON for Linn?

Linn does not support Tidals MQA format ( What settings should I use in ROON to get sound from Tidal MQA-streams that are as good as Tidal red book CD-streams (if possible)? See alternatives in attached pic. If I can`t get MQA streams to sound appoximately as good as CD I think I prefer not to get them at all…

All advice and recommendations are welcome!

No mqa support. As you just posted it doesn’t support it. However, you can turn on the core decoder in roon.

And thus came the realisation that people calling MQA a stealth DRM trojan weren’t completely paranoid or out of their minds…

Thankfully for you, the MQA tax is included in the money you pay for Roon. Set your device up as “No MQA support”, and it’ll give you MQA in it’s full, quasi hi-res glory. Although I’m pretty sure you’ll get the MQA brigade telling you that this isn’t the case, anything beyond what you’ll get from that is fancy upsampling as far as anyone can tell, and you’d have to buy a new DAC to access it anyway, so don’t worry about it too much.

At the end of the day, if you don’t want MQA, the solution, for the time being, and assuming such a thing is economical, is to subscribe to a streaming service that doesn’t support it.

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Thanks for your comments. I have read some more and come to the conclusion that the configuration of my Linn gear when it comes to MQA and ROON is pretty much taken care of in the default settings made by ROON. I am not really used to this degree of service and attention to detail - thank you ROON!