MQA Signal Path Help after Update SMS200

I´m using SMS200Ultra Network Adapter and since I´ve updated to 0.4.5v the Roon Signal Path is very short.
MQA just show authentication.

What can I do to fix this?
I use Mac Mini Sierra.

Another, device appears as not certified by Roon, after update.


What more is there supposed to show? This is also how it looks with my SOtM sMS-200ultra playing a MQA 96kHz file only when I play a 192kHz file or higher does it show MQA core decoding to 96kHz.

Look the complete path how it would be showed.

You show the path with two different DACs and in the last the Lumin is doing the decoding of MQA. The first picture is with USB out to PS Audio dac is that how your system is connected?

Mac mini (core) > sms200 ultra(endpoint) > Direcstream dac

Did the path look different before firmware 4.5 when playing MQA to PS Audio dac?

Just make sure your Roon DSP is deactivated for MQA…my Meridian Prime MAQ blue indicator light deactivates when the DSP is activated.

I believe the PS Audio DirectStream DAC is capable of doing the first unfold itself with the latest firmware.
If that is correct for your device then this is the right path.

If not, right click on the bottom right audio source icon, select device settings and change MQA capability to No MQA decoding.

You’re using USB input of the PS Audio DAC right? It supports MQA decoding only via the Bridge II network input, not the USB input.

So you will have to set MQA Capabilities to None, such that Roon will perform MQA Core decoding before sending it to SMS200.