MQA songs don't start playing

Roon Core Machine

Intel(R) Core™ i7-10870H CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.21 GHz
32,0 Gt, Nvidia 3070, Windows 11 pro 22H2,

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX201 160MHz, WiFi, VPN, Inteno EX400

Connected Audio Devices

NAD C399 Roon ready amplifier, BluOs system, Bluetooth, WiFi

Number of Tracks in Library

14000 tracks

Description of Issue

Testing out Roon with Tidal Hifi Plus account. My laptop is the core and Nad C399 as the amp, no wired connection between the core and the amp.
I can’t get the MQA songs to play in Roon, nothing happens when I push play. They play fine in the BluOs and I can see the MQA logo on the front display of the NAD C399 when playing MQA content in Tidal using the BluOs, but in Roon the songs won’t start. Non-MQA content plays without issues in Roon.
I’ve tried with the different settings in the Device settings/MQA capabilities and with the enable MQA core decoder.
Enclosed are shots of the signal path and device setup.
While I’m sure that it’s a user error at this end, I’m not sure which one? VPN on/off does not make a difference. Does it require a wired connection? Something else?
Thanks in advance!

Still here. After changing some settings in the computer that acts as the core for the time being, the situation (/mess) is as follows; I have three NAD C399 players in the network, see the first picture below.

  1. Through Airplay I can get the songs from Roon to play (don’t know where the Airplay came into the picture though, never downloaded it and don’t own any Apple hardware haha).
  2. Nothing plays in Roon through the one in the middle that has the Roon Ready caption above. This player has the full set of options available in the device setup.
  3. The one in the top right corner that has NAD C399 and Wasabi does try to play the songs in Roon, but the playback stutters and is sped up. Device setup with this player has limited options available. Enclosed find a second picture that depicts the signal path of this third player. Looks a bit complicated?
    So, I’m doing something wrong with the Windows settings?

This is the last time here, I promise… to recap; I have a Roon ready MQA capable amp (NAD C399), BluOs, Tidal Hifiplus, and my laptop as the core, WiFi connection. I have gone through the settings of the computer based on the instructions with my somewhat limited understanding.
Now I can play songs from Roon through Airplay and through Bluetooth, the amp does not recognize either one as MQA though when MQA content is playing.
Below is a screencap of the signal paths of the Airplay and Bluetooth connections. Can someone take a look at them and tell me is there something wrong? The Bluetooth one still looks awfully complicated to me.
Are these two connections the only ones available for me with this setup? I still don’t understand why the device below the Roon Ready text in the picture above, that I included in my previous post (device info C399-5B1E), does not play anything?
While I’m not in love with MQA, I would like to understand what, if anything, is wrong with my settings. Using Tidal in BluOs plays the MQA content so that the amp recognizes it.
Nevermind the MQA, am I missing something when it comes to the connections from the computer to the amp?

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