MQA support comes to Sonore streamers


Well, that is very interesting. And coming in two or three weeks.

Thanks , here’s the press release from Sonore.

This is great news!!!

I was waiting for Roon to deliver this for a year and Sonore quietly delivered the goods. Such an awesome streamer.

A very interesting development. The release said that MQA has to be streamed bit-perfect to the Rendu device for unfolding to occur. It mentioned that MQA unfolding is also planned for the HQP NAA, but that would presumably mean not doing any upsampling or filtering in HQP in order to be bit-perfect.

I wouldn’t read too much into Roon’s implementation of MQA based on the Sonore implementation. The capabilities of the hardware and software involved are quite different and Roon spent an extended period of time (!) negotiating particular arrangements with MQA. When it is all publicly disclosed I believe Roon users will be very pleased.

I don’t know how Roon’s implementation will fit in with the Sonore implementation, but both companies have worked together well in the past. As an avid user of a microRendu, HQP and Roon I’m looking forward to the MQA dance between them.

FYI I can now confirm that the NAA output mode will support MQA decoding on 2.6. I have the combination playing music right now. Special thanks to Jussi for some code work needed to make this possible.

Here is how the section looks within HQ Player preferences:
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@Jesus_Rodriguez any update on targeted ship date for 2.6 ? I know that these things take time but it’s almost two months since the PR announcement

Right now I have my finger on the pause button. I’m trying to decide if we want to release MQA or not.

Also have a look here for additional information.

Probably a wise choice if MQA is not free to implement in software. I prefer upsampling to DxD and using the FR filter on my Brooklyn DAC instead of no DSP with the MQA-required MPH filter… regardless of whether the track is MQA encrypted or not.

Any news on the MQA front @Jesus_Rodriguez ? Especially now with Roon being MQA capable? Thanks

Nothing to report and quite pleased with Roon’s implementation.

Nice! Now if you ship my ultraRendu today would be great! :grin: